To receive free charts, please e-mail the required information listed below to  You can create your own report using the workbook titled "THE SPIRIT OF LOVE: Becoming Co-Creators with God to a Life of Peace and Happiness for All Humanity."   The charts will be sent to you by e-mail as an attachment.  

You will  need the exact time of birth  to do a complete and accurate report.  Your exact time of birth can be found in the Archives Department at the City/Town Hall at the place of your birth or the Medical Records Department at the hospital where you were born.

NOTE: If you are  doing a chart for someone else,  remember that this knowledge comes with great responsibility for your fellowmen and the need to establish right human relations with those you are connected to in this life.  You have a responsibility to guide them if you have the opportunity, but do not try to change the natural order of things.  People need to learn fully through their own experiences.  You need to let go and let God do His work in the world in the way that is best for them.  Instead, you can focus on their potential and help them when they are ready and/or when given the opportunity.  May you look to God for inspiration and guidance in all you do, and may you pray for discrimination to understand the true needs of others and for the strength and courage to sacrifice your personal desires to their greater needs so we can all learn and evolve.  Reflecting on the following quote from the book "A Guide for the Advanced Soul" by Susan Hayward will be helpful:

"If you would learn the secret of right human relations, look only for the divine in people and things, and leave all the rest to God."  --  J. Allen Boone, "Kinship with All Life."


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