Saturn manifests in your life at two levels.  The first level is your outer reality such as authorities and structures that provide a foundation in your life - your material stability and concrete reality.  The second level is your inner reality such as the things you think, do, and say which dictates the circumstances and limitations you find yourself in - your personal integrity and spiritual discipline.  There will always be someone or something making your life difficult until you learn that you are solely responsible for everything that happens in your life.  Both levels need to be integrated: you need to learn how to manage the material/physical world (i.e., taxes and health) as well as study and practice right thinking and right relating (i.e., karma).  The different ways that Saturn can manifest in your life are as follows:

1.    1st Level - Material Stability

You strive to build a sound material structure, realizing that your earning power, money, and possessions are seen as an index of how well you are doing in the world.

1.    2nd Level - Material Stability

Learning the "true" value of money (through financial loss or having too much and realizing it can't buy everything) and understanding that through right thinking and right relating, you will attract what you need in life.

2.    1st Level - Timing and Delays

Realizing that in order to make things happen on time in the material world, you must pay attention to timekeeping and punctuality.  There never seems to be enough time.

2.    2nd Level - Timing and Delays

Learning about "true" time and how it influences you in unconscious or superconscious ways.  You realize that everything happens when the time is right.  There will be restrictions and delays until you are ready, possibly for your own good.  You just need to have faith and patience.

3.    1st Level - Authority and Rules

Realizing that authority is a supervisor, parent, teacher, etc., and there are rules and regulations to teach you discipline and control.  If you break the rules, you will be punished in some way.  If you keep to the rules, you will benefit in some way.

3.    2nd Level - Authority and Rules

Learning that the real authority is God or your conscience that guides you in a more subtle and farseeing way.  The more attuned you are to this Higher Power, the freer you become from conventional authority.

4.    1st Level - The Way of the World

Realizing that life is competitive and impersonal where only the fittest survive.  You have to be tough, objective, practical, and not be too trusting of others.

4.    2nd Level - The Way of the World

Learning that you do not get away with anything you have done wrong to achieve success.  The strong need to protect the weak for the well-being of all.  There will be payback or some form of poetic justice to teach you.

5.    1st Level - Purpose in Life

Realizing that you need to have a purpose in life and achieve something in the material world whether as a parent or through your career.  Saturn makes you feel better when you have it right or worse when you do not.

5.    2nd Level - Purpose in Life

Learning that you have an ultimate (spiritual) reason for being here, a mission in life, that may or may not be recognized and approved by the world.  Saturn makes you feel better when you have it right or worse when you do not.

6.    1st Level - Relationships

Realizing your proper role in relationships, the conventional approach for creating and maintaining relationships, and that marriage makes everything alright.

6.    2nd Level - Relationships

Learning that the roles and rights of individuals are consciously created by the couple and not by the Church or State.  You are allowed to make mistakes and learn through your own experiences.

7.    1st Level - Adversity

Realizing that adversity necessitates a life of hard work and self-discipline until you make it; or it is seen as "bad luck" that must be endured resulting in a life of drudgery, dependency, and depression.  Responsibilities will be more of a work or material nature.

7.    2nd Level - Adversity

Learning that adversity is the direct result of karma.  Something that you did or did not do in the past is demanding that you make the effort to determine what it is and redeem yourself.  Responsibilities will be more emotional or psychological in nature.

8.    1st Level - Guilt and Fear

Realizing how feelings of guilt and fear really control you, or it is something you choose to accept and put up with because you fear being an outcast and receiving no support from others.

8.    2nd Level - Guilt and Fear

Learning that guilt and fear mask what you really feel.  You need to take responsibility for all your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions - the accumulation of all your illusions and misdeeds - and cannot blame someone or something else for the way you feel and the way you are.

9.    1st Level - Physical Condition

Realizing that poor physical condition/health is the result of something that physically happened to you that needs to be corrected by drugs, surgery, or some form of corrective behavior such a diet and exercise.

9.    2nd Level - Physical Condition

Learning that your physical condition is a symptom or expression of your inner being where it must be healed.  Understanding that such things as a negative attitude, inner tension, not feeling enough emotional or material support from others, or not believing enough in a Higher Power can result in poor health or neuroses, or cause you to subconsciously put yourself in a position where something physical does happen to you.

10.  1st Level - Aging

Aging and death are feared because little is seen beyond your physical condition and physical existence.

10.  2nd Level - Aging

Aging is seen as a noble process whereby you gain wisdom and understand the true meaning of life.  The physical body is seen as a temporary vehicle for the Soul that should be taken care of but not worshipped.



    Uranus takes away emotional or material security and gives you the freedom to find out who you truly are (individually and collectively) and to explore the unknown.  Something changes or shocks you in order to free you through new ideas, values, situations, places, things, or people.  The different ways Uranus can manifest in your life are as follows:

1.    Feelings of restlessness or rebelliousness that cause you to take risks you would not normally take and experience something new in your life.

2.    Experiencing disruptions in life through such things as financial loss or the breakdown of a personal relationship that shocks you into seeing the bigger picture and the need to reform yourself and make constructive changes.

3.    Exploring or experimenting with new ways of living or looking at life such as through new friends and groups or through the study of science, technology, astrology, etc.

4.    Gaining awareness of the needs of humanity and choosing to serve the greater whole by aiming for your ideal or ultimate purpose for being rather than just material ambition or emotional security.



    Neptune creates misconceptions, fascinations, or aversions through past experiences that can lead to addictions or phobias.  You will realize that you have been fooled by someone or something or you avoided an experience that had something positive connected to it.  Facing your illusions and delusions will lead to spiritual enlightenment.  The different ways Neptune can manifest in your life are as follows:

1.    Experiencing suppression, neuroses, or some form of escapism to learn that this reaction is a result of your over-sensitivity and feelings of weakness or separateness from the oneness of life and your need for spiritual awareness.

2.    Being a victim and realizing the need to take responsibility and care for yourself, or learning selflessness and the need to sacrifice the ego and its attachments for the enlightenment of yourself and others.

3.    Through past experiences, learning sensitivity, understanding, and compassion for the difficulties of others and your ability to heal them through some form of creative expression or visualization.

4.    Gaining awareness of the spiritual aspects of existence and the interconnectedness of all, realizing you are here for a higher reason and choosing to live up to your ideals and principles.



    Pluto creates endings and new beginnings.  You need to delve or be driven into the depths of your being to discover your destiny.  We are all born with something that needs to be eliminated so that we can regenerate and transform ourselves and be a positive influence in the world.  The different ways Pluto can manifest in your life are as follows:

1.    Deep merging with someone, both physically and psychologically, causing you to give up any outworn thoughts or emotions that resisted such union.  Knowing that being desperately alone is no longer acceptable and becoming aware of your inner truth.

2.    Transforming an obsession into a conviction or belief that must be acted upon, or letting go any misguided conviction that is now inappropriate and can no longer be endured.  Becoming a stronger person and choosing a new way of being.

3.    Acting out any deep-seated anger or being involved in underworld activities or intrigue.  Gaining self-awareness so you are no longer manipulated by or in the power of someone or something such as money.

4.    Gaining awareness of psychology, the occult, and the forces that bind us together such as fear or desire.  Choosing to use this knowledge and experience positively to heal and beneficially influence others rather than negatively to control and manipulate others for selfish reasons.


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